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Canterberry Acres offers lessons to people of all ages and levels. All lessons are taught by a Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor. We specialize in Centered Riding Instruction, Dressage, Hunt Seat, and jumping. We have both horses and ponies in our lesson program. Lessons are taught seven days a week, and schedules are flexible and do not require multi-week commitments. Riding Lessons are mostly private. Please wear proper riding gear and clothing. This should include a helmet and footwear with a heel. We also offer a variety of day programs, horsemaship classes, special clinics.
Half Hour Private Lesson: $35.00. $40 for riders requiring an assistant.
Full Hour Private Lesson: $65.00

All Riders must sign: CBA Release of Liability

Carol Kurland, Owner

Canterberry Acres is Carol’s way of giving children and adults of all ages and abilities a safe and non-threatening environment where they can learn and pursue their wishes and dreams, and explore the basic joy of being a part of the natural and animal worlds. Carol invites riders to get back to the basics of life without stress, pressure and the unneeded expectations of others and believes that growth and knowledge should come at one’s own pace and ability without judgment or harsh criticism. The Special Needs program is a continuation of work she has pursued since college working with adults and children of all needs in communication skills.

Carol’s philosophy is an integral part of her lesson program. Her goal is to foster a solid, strong knowledge base and feel for the horse both on the ground and under saddle as a way to build confidence, promote continuous learning, and provide appropriate challenges for each of her students.

Carol Kurland has been a MA licensed riding instructor for over 28 years. She is a speech and audio pathologist with a Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University and a Master’s Degree from NYU. She was a Becker College Equestrian Riding Instructor for 6-7 years and studied equine nutrition at Tufts. Carol has trained with such noted instructors as Gordon Wright (Hunter Jumper), Paul Balasic the famed riding instructor and author of Riding Towards The Light, John Lyons (training from the ground up), and a large number of other instructors with expertise in Hunt Seat, Dressage and Jumping.

Michelle Drake

Michelle is a MA licensed riding instructor experienced in teaching beginner and intermediate children and adult students. Horse care, grooming, tacking, and introduction to basic horsemanship skills are incorporated into each lesson program. This balanced approach to care and riding is a wonderful confidence builder for new students and important refresher for riders getting back into the saddle. Michelle’s calm, soft spoken yet confident demeanor puts her students at ease and encourages them to really get in tune with their horse.

Julia Westwell

Julia is a MA licensed and certified Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) riding instructor. She is CPR/First Aid certified. Julia specializes in lessons for beginner children and adults, including those with various physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Julia holds a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science with a concentration in Therapeutic Riding from the University of New Hampshire. She has been riding for over 11 years and competed on the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) Team, going to Nationals her Junior year. Julia's teaching philosophy is that each rider has their own learning style and pace and she adjusts her lesson plans to fit each student's needs and abilities. Patience with rider and horse results in a successful partnership. Julia strives to make each lesson fun and positive!

Chris Wzorek

Chris Wzorek is a MA licensed riding instructor who specializes in training, and instructing in a way that promotes confidence in clients, both horse and human. Chris believes each horse is an individual and needs to be trained in the way that works best for that individual. Using patience, consistency, and years of experience, she can help you learn how to have a partnership with your horse based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. A willing, respectful, and confident horse is a horse that is versatile and can accomplish anything from jumping to reining. A willing, respectful, and confident horse can be your horse, with the right training.

Chris offers individualized lessons and training for both beginner and advanced riders. Ensuring each student has a solid foundation and encouraging them to challenge themselves and their horses. With years of experience in teaching various disciplines, she gives her students the tools they need to succeed both in recreational and competitive riding.

Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips is a MA licensed riding instructor experienced in teaching dressage and hunter/jumper, as well as some eventing. Anna's goal is to share her knowledge with students so they may progress continuously and become safe, independent and knowledgeable riders. Anna teaches calmly and in a way that riders of all ages understand, without harsh tones. Proper communication between instructor and student as well as student and horse is extremely important.

Anna's passion for horses started at a young age and steadily turned into her career. While in high school, Anna was a working student at several reputable barns in the area. During this time, Anna rode dressage and hunter/jumper. Anna competed at many USDF shows as well as attending Lendons Youth Dressage Festival in 2011 and 2013.

After graduating high school, Anna attended the University of Findlay (Ohio) where she majored in English Equestrian Studies with an emphasis in dressage and eventing. Anna was fortunate to ride numerous breeds as well as attend and compete in several shows in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky in dressage and eventing. Anna made the Varsity IDA team (Intercollegiate Dressage team) as well as the Eventing Team her freshman year.

While in Ohio, Anna also successfully managed Yenour Performance Horses. There, she taught dressage and hunter/jumper to students of all ages and skill levels and also had several horses in training. Anna has ridden with Doris Carlson, Grace Golden, Russ Walther, Sue King, Fred Magazzeni, Beth Baumert, and Carol Kozlowski to name a few.