Canterberry Acres is a no drama barn with a terrific group of boarders.

Whatever your discipline, if you want a laid back, fun barn with a dose or two of friendly competition with other horse enthuasiasts, Canterberry may be the barn for you!

For more info, please contact owner Carol Kurland at or
Farm Fun

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In Memory
When we remember them, they live forever in our hearts.
CBA lost another beautiful equine soul today. Cara ("Azucara") was an IALHA registered 3/4 Andalusian born at Canterbury Acres on May 22, 1986 to Ginger ("Jengibre") and Monty ("Banbury Montgomery").

Cara had three full sisters but was the only one that remained at the farm for her full life with Carol. Cara was part of the lesson program for many years for intermediate and above riders. She was a beautiful mover and was a very hardworking and determined mare. Her quirks could be heard across the farm when one of her "herd mates" was out of their paddocks but it just proved how deeply she cared for them; especially for her mother, Ginger, and when Ginger passed away, she bonded deeply with her aunt, Dejada.

Carol, our hearts break for you again but we will always remember Azucara with love and fondness. RIP Cara. Run free.
Monty - June 9, 1982 - January 27, 2017

Monty "Banbury Montgomery" was peacefully laid to rest this morning. Many who knew him called him “the unicorn horse”. His large soft eyes and long white lashes along with his sweet personality gave him a mystical quality and it was not unusual to see visitors walk by and then stop and stare. Monty's natural presence and energy was magnetic and irresistable. A gentle stallion, 12 of Monty's foals are currently registered with International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA). His daughter, Azucara aka Cara, is his last offspring at the farm. Monty was Carol's heart horse and spent all of his 34 years at Canterberry Acres. There will never be another horse like Monty and we mourn his loss. Carol, we send our love and sympathy. Rest in peace, Monty.
Keg - November 3, 2016

Our CBA family is sad to share the news that Keg passed away on November 3, 2016.

Keg was the quintessential lesson pony teaching hundreds of children the joy of riding. Carol trailered him home as a foal and he has been a fixture at the farm for over 30 years. Keg was loved by many and he will sorely missed. RIP Keg.
In Memory of One of the Best!