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Special Needs Riding Program

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"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these." - George Washington Carver

Canterberry Acres is thrilled to offer this program, including the Back to Basics component, to children and adults with special needs. This program is the realization of a dream held by owner Carol Kurland.

All lessons are taught by a Massachusetts Licensed Riding Instructor. We specialize in Centered Riding Instruction, Dressage, Hunt Seat, and jumping. We have both horses and ponies in our lesson program. Lessons are taught seven days a week, and schedules are flexible and do not require multi-week commitments. Riding Lessons are mostly private. Please wear proper riding gear and clothing. This should include a helmet and footwear with a heel.

Special Needs - Half Hour Private Lesson: $50.00

"Back to Basics"

Canterberry Acres offers two Back to Basics programs. These programs are open to children and adults of all ages and abilities, including emotional and physical disabilities.
Basic Farming Skills Animal Care and Horsemanship Lessons
Participants will learn about the ways of the farm and what it takes from start to finish to grow fresh produce. We have a wide variety of vegetables and berries. This will include soil preparation, planting, growing, harvesting and everything in between.
Participants will be able to learn the importance and responsibility of taking care some of the farms animals. This can include simply filling a water bucket, brushing a pony, collecting eggs from the chicken coop or just sitting to pat a barn cat. Basic to advanced, this program can go as far as the participant would like. Horseback riding and instruction is also an option.
  • All sessions are private in order to give each participant undivided attention.
  • Aid in the development of verbal, physical, emotional and motor skills
  • Run by state licensed riding instructors
  • Stable is licensed by the state
  • Carol is a speech and audio pathologist as well as a licensed riding instructor
  • Download the Back to Basics Flyer

Please contact owner Carol Kurland at 508-335-1080 or email carolalk@charter.net.


Carol Kurland, Owner

Canterberry Acres is Carol’s way of giving children and adults of all ages and abilities a safe and non-threatening environment where they can learn and pursue their wishes and dreams, and explore the basic joy of being a part of the natural and animal worlds. Carol invites riders to get back to the basics of life without stress, pressure and the unneeded expectations of others and believes that growth and knowledge should come at one’s own pace and ability without judgment or harsh criticism. The Special Needs program is a continuation of work she has pursued since college working with adults and children of all needs in communication skills.

Carol’s philosophy is an integral part of her lesson program. Her goal is to foster a solid, strong knowledge base and feel for the horse both on the ground and under saddle as a way to build confidence, promote continuous learning, and provide appropriate challenges for each of her students.

Carol Kurland has been a MA licensed riding instructor for over 25 years. She is a speech and audio pathologist with a Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University and a Master’s Degree from NYU. She was a Becker College Equestrian Riding Instructor for 6-7 years and studied equine nutrition at Tufts. Carol has trained with such noted instructors as Gordon Wright (Hunter Jumper), Paul Balasic the famed riding instructor and author of Riding Towards The Light, John Lyons (training from the ground up), and a large number of other instructors with expertise in Hunt Seat, Dressage and Jumping.

Michelle Drake

Michelle is a MA licensed riding instructor experienced in teaching beginner and intermediate children and adult students. Horse care, grooming, tacking, and introduction to basic horsemanship skills are incorporated into each lesson program. This balanced approach to care and riding is a wonderful confidence builder for new students and important refresher for riders getting back into the saddle. Michelle’s calm, soft spoken yet confident demeanor puts her students at ease and encourages them to really get in tune with their horse.